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Disability Not A Barrier Initiative

About Us

Disability Not A Barrier Initiative (DINABI) is a non-profit making and  Disability Rights Organization for persons with disabilities that to promote inclusion, equity and justice for disabilities through training, sensitization, research and advocacy services in order to see a world where people with disabilities are fully integrated and included into the society economically, politically, academically and socially while also enjoying equal rights and opportunities in society free of discrimination and harrasment and to be able to actively participates in governance and nation-building. It was established in 2011 in Ondo state and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number CAC/IT/128725.

The founder of DINABI, Olajide Funso became a person with disability in the early 80’s at a very tender age as a result of being wrongly injected by a Nurse after being hospitalized for a mild sickness. The determination of Olajide to succeed and also make impact led him to start DINABI.

DINABI is a Disability-focused organization advocating for dignity and respect of the rights and socio-economic inclusion of persons with disabilities.

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