Inclusion, Equity & Justice


Political & Socio-Economic Inclusion

To see a world where people with disabilities are fully integrated and included into the society economically,politically, academically and socially.

Equal Rights & Justice

To see a world where people with disabilities enjoy equal rights and opportunities in the society totally free of discrimination and harrasment.

Governance & Nation-building

To see a world where people with disabilities actively participates in governance, policy making and nation-building.



Eliminating barriers to full social integration and inclusion for PWDs through research and advocacy campaigns.

Creating innovative programs, trainings, advocacy and awareness campaigns and public education.

Providing technical support and instil self-confidence and capacity building in the disability community.

Providing services which enhances values, respects and accepts PWDs and assists them to fulfill their lives with dignity.


Our Services:

Do you have children with disabilities that you want us to advice, encourage, sensitize or boost his or her morale on how to live well in the society?

Do you know of PARENTS or GUARDIAN who are hiding kids with disabilities because of perceived shame and stigmatization?

Are you a person with disability and you are being maltreated, abused, harassed or cheated on the basis of disabilities?

Do you know of someone with disabilities who may need our help or assistance in any form or you have a policy you will like us to advocate on?

Are you a mother of a child with disability and you want to learn how to train and nurture children with disabilities with the best practices around the world?

Are you privy to gender based violence or abuse against a person with disability, or you witness a maltreatment of someone with disability?

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